Refine and Define

Only by accurately responding to the ever-changing actions and expectations of the property market, can a developer hope to create a product that matches the needs and desires of a defined audience.

PMG & CO brings your development project to life by creating communications programs with both character and personality. These emotionally charged messages resonate with the mindset of the intended audience, forging that all-important connection between project and purchaser.

Harnessing this solid understand of the market as well as a strong awareness of the latest design trends and buying patterns, PMG & CO works with developers, their architects and interior designers to define and refine a project prior to launch. From floor plans and unit mix to fixtures and finishes, every minor detail is carefully considered in order to lower risk and increase market acceptance.

PMG & CO’s targeted sales and marketing programs support ongoing analysis and allow for responsive adjustment to changes in market conditions, enabling developers to take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise.