Gina Sivasli

PMG & CO founder and Managing Director Gina Sivasli brings a wealth of industry experience and specialist knowledge to the business. Together with her dedicated team of seasoned professionals, Gina is known for consistently delivering strategic marketing programs that ensure sales teams execute successful marketing programs exactly as intended.

Working closely with developers and harnessing the years of knowledge and insight she has built up throughout her career, Gina is able to analyze the unique attributes of an individual project and convert the research findings into a effective communications programs that resonate with the defined buyer audience.

Gina has brought to market some of the most prestigious properties in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, while working with some of the country’s most established development brands including VicUrban, MAB Corporation and Lend Lease. Her energy and passion for creating effective marketing programs coupled with her reputation for leading successful sales teams, has earned accolades from many of the industry’s most prominent developers